Sandbox Speech Therapy is a private speech-language pathology practice located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At Sandbox Speech, each clinician is committed to providing the most personalized and integrated speech and language services to families and children from birth to school age. Our services, workshops, and group therapy sessions are designed to identify a child's current development, investigate underlying causes for developmental or behavioural challenges, and to provide ongoing support to facilitate independence and positive changes. Our clinicians are dedicated to providing professional and exceptional service to effectively address both parental concerns and children's needs.

Our mission is to create memorable moments from remarkable experiences. Our vision is to be Winnipeg's most family-centered children’s therapy service where parents are empowered to discover their own skills in developing their child through everyday moments.


At Sandbox Speech Therapy, we focus on the prevention, assessment and treatment of speech and language disorders in children beginning right from birth. Our services occur in the convenience of your home for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, and services are completely individualized to your child’s needs. Initially, you and your child will receive a complimentary consultation with one of our speech-language pathologists to discuss your concerns. From there, we will schedule an assessment that’s appropriate for your child based on the information collected. Upon completion of assessments, if recommended, therapy sessions can then begin on a frequency that meets that family’s needs and on the recommendation of your therapist.

Sandbox Speech Therapy also provides workshops and group therapy sessions for parents and their young children. Please visit the Events page for information about upcoming workshops and group therapy sessions!